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I am an Associate Professor of Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing in the Numerical Analysis group of the University of Oxford, and a Tutorial Fellow at Oriel College, Oxford. I work on the numerical solution of partial differential equations, with a particular focus on bifurcation analysis of nonlinear equations, the automated derivation and application of adjoint models, and the interaction between computational geometry and numerical simulation. I apply the numerical techniques I develop to various applications, including tidal turbines for renewable energy, bidomain cardiac electrophysiology, radiation transport, and glaciology.

I mainly code in Python, contribute regularly to the FEniCS and PETSc
software projects, and lead the development of dolfin-adjoint.


2018-04-10: I am teaching  a summer (spring?) school on sensitivity and optimisation in Tuscany, with Matthew Juniper and Peter Schmid.

2018-03-21: I am hosting the 2018 FEniCS conference in Oxford.

2017-11-26: A new paper has been accepted on glaciological inverse problems in Pine Island Glacier, Antarctica, with Teresa Kyrke-Smith and Hilmar Gudmundsson.

2017-10-01: Welcome to Hamza Alawiye and Alexei Gazca, who begin their DPhil studies today! My co-supervisors are Alain Goriely (Hamza) and Endre Süli (Alexei).

2017-07-18: I am giving an invited seminar at the annual meeting of the Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics society in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

2017-06-26: I am teaching a summer school on finite elements and FEniCS at the University of Chicago, with Ridgway Scott.

2017-06-14: A new paper is up on arXiv about the bifurcation analysis of cholesteric liquid crystals, with David Emerson, James Adler, Scott MacLachlan and Timothy Atherton.

2017-06-13: A new paper is up on arXiv about higher-order PDE-constrained shape optimisation, with Alberto Paganini and Florian Wechsung.

2017-05-26: I am giving an invited seminar at the SIAM UKIE National Student Chapter Conference in Galway, Ireland.

2017-05-25: A new paper has been accepted on the bifurcation analysis of Bose-Einstein condensates, with Stathis Charalampidis and Panos Kevrekidis.

2017-04-10: I am teaching a guest lecture course PMR5412 Modelling and Numerical Simulation via Variational Calculus at the Escola Politécnica of the University of São Paulo, hosted by Emilio Silva and the Research Centre for Gas Innovation.

2017-03-20: I am spending a few weeks at the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics at UCLA, as part of the Computational Issues in Oil Field Appliations programme.

2017-01-30: A new paper has been accepted on multiscale modelling of liquid crystal devices, with Martin Robinson, Apala Majumdar, Chong Luo and Radek Erban.

2017-01-20: I have been appointed as an editorial board member of SIAM’s Fundamentals of Algorithms book series.

2017-01-16: I am teaching C6.4 Finite Element Methods for PDEs this term. My introductory lecture notes on finite elements may be of interest. Any comments gratefully received!

2017-01-02: A new paper is up on arXiv about recovering inundation profiles from tidal data, with Simon Funke and Matthew Piggott.

2016-10-01: I’m delighted to announce that I have been appointed as an Associate Professor in the Mathematical Institute and as a Tutorial Fellow at Oriel College.

2016-10-01: Welcome to Florian Wechsung, Matteo Croci, and Tori Pereira, all of whom begin their DPhil studies today under my supervision! My co-supervisors are Mark Taylor of London Computational Solutions (Florian), Marie Rognes of Simula Research Laboratory and Mike Giles (Matteo), Robert van Gorder, Andrew Thompson and Ekaterina Sergienko of Petrotechnical Data Systems (Tori).

2016-09-28: A new paper is up on arXiv about the analysis of Carrier’s problem with Jon Chapman.

2016-08-01: Welcome to Dr Alberto Paganini, who has begun a postdoctoral appointment with me! He comes from a PhD at ETH Zurich with Prof. Dr. Ralf Hiptmair. He will work with me on tidal turbine optimisation and shape optimisation problems.

2016-06-21: A new paper is up on the arXiv about geometric Markov chain Monte Carlo methods for infinite-dimensional inverse problems with Alex Beskos, Shiwei Lan, Mark Girolami and Andrew Stuart.

2016-06-20: I’m teaching at a summer school on Solving PDEs with FEniCS with Ridgway Scott at the University of Chicago.

2016-06-10: I’m teaching at a summer school on Frontiers in PDE-constrained Optimization at the IMA in Minnesota.

2016-05-08: James Maddison and I have released libsupermesh, an extremely fast implementation of an algorithm for supermesh construction.

2016-03-16: A new paper is up on arXiv about optimal preconditioners for the Ohta–Kawasaki equations with John Pearson.

2016-03-15: There’s an open faculty position in numerical analysis in Oxford (an associate professorship). Apply by April 29!

2016-03-03: A new paper is up on arXiv about computing disconnected bifurcation diagrams with deflation with Casper Beentjes and Ásgeir Birkisson.

2016-01-28: A new paper is up on arXiv about using deflation to compute multiple equilibria of nematic liquid crystals with James Adler, David Emerson and Scott MacLachlan.

2015-11-30: Another paper is up on arXiv about linear and nonlinear solvers in variational fracture mechanics with Corrado Maurini. The code that supports the manuscript is available on bitbucket.

2015-10-09: A new paper with my MSc student Matteo Croci is up on arXiv about multiple solutions of complementarity problems via deflation. The code that supports the manuscript is available on bitbucket.

2015-09-19: Images from the SIAM Awards Lunch in Beijing are online.

2015-09-18: I gave the invited scientific lecture to the annual general meeting of NAG.

2015-09-01: A new paper is up on arXiv about PDE-constrained optimisation, deflation and Schur complement preconditioners.

2015-08-31: I’ve just released a Python implementation of Mike Giles’ multilevel Monte Carlo demo code.

2015-08-27: The first deflation paper has been published online in SISC.

2015-08-13: I collected the Wilkinson prize at ICIAM 2015 in Beijing today. Thanks again to NAG, ANL and NPL.

2015-07-16: I have been selected for polar service with the British Antarctic Survey! I will be undertaking fieldwork in the Antarctic this November as part of an observational campaign on the retreating ice sheets on the east coast of the Antarctic peninsula, on Flask Glacier and Scar Inlet.

2015-06-23: I came second in the Fox prize competition, joining company such as Andy Wathen, Peter Sweby, Alan Edelman, Mark Ainsworth, Barry Smith, and Des Higham. Congratulations to Iain Smears and Alex Townsend.

2015-06-11: I have won the 2015 Wilkinson prize for Numerical Software, along with my colleagues Simon Funke, David Ham and Marie Rognes.

2015-03-06: I have been shortlisted for the 17th IMA Leslie Fox prize in numerical analysis.


Phone: +44 1865 270743
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